To teach or not to teach: THAT is my question.

If I induce a headache, please don’t sue me.  I mean well.

I’m constantly in turmoil over whether I should return to teaching.  I have been out of the profession for 2 and a half years.  Should I teach or should I brave the unknown and start something new?  Could I do something new?

Teaching was my bread, butter and jam for ten years but I’m not certain that it’s a career I can handle whilst being a mother of two young children.  Being with teenagers during the day and toddlers during the night might set the blood pressure to an all-time high. Teenagers are lovely but they can be draining when, for example, it can take 10 minutes JUST to get an aggravated spotty giant to sit down in his seat; toddlers, although far cuter, have the same hair-greying effect.

Plus, as an English teacher, I am through with teaching poetry.  I hear you all gasp; sorry if you’ve spilt your tea. The fact is, I don’t want to talk about rhyming couplets with sixteen year olds any more than a doctor wants to talk about his bowel movements with his patients. Teaching poetry causes grief and boredom.  Teaching poetry is like trying to stir concrete with a whisk.

And, I have no idea what all the new Education terms mean.  My husband casually injects teaching terms into the conversation and I nod to look like an intelligent being who instinctively can read her husband.  But, it is only later, I admit that like a chicken with no head (in my case, no brain) I have not a bleeding clue about what is going on.

So, the future doesn’t look bright; it looks to be teaching free.



8 thoughts on “To teach or not to teach: THAT is my question.

  1. Lucy Ends says:

    Returning to what you know seems like the most straightforward option, but you really don’t sound at all keen. Do you have anything on the ‘pros’ list? If not, I’d say it’s time for something new. Good luck!


  2. Andy Smith says:

    Nic is in the process of handing her head of department status to one of her staff as a poisoned chalice. She is getting paid much less per hour doing that stuff than she is teaching. If she does lunchtime supervision instead of being Head of History, she gets 75% of the same wages for no more than having to shout at a few kids at lunchtimes. How did being a Head of Dept. end up being so crap?


    • kathrynplayer12 says:

      That’s ridiculous! It’s mad that a Head of Department carries so much responsibility but is paid so little. The system is flawed. Please send Nic my love, and good on her for making a positive decision. 🙂


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