The Headcase head surgeon

Last week, I read that an Italian surgeon believes he can perform a head transplant in two years. Sergio Canavero is the surgeon who believes that Head Transplants are possible where a patient’s head can be grafted onto a healthy body. Dr Canavero believes that both heads can be removed at the same time and then the patient’s head is to be glued onto the donor’s body.

Let’s hope it’s GOOD glue.

It sounds like a paper mache’ activity in a Pre-School rather than a surgical operation. And what about someone’s soul or personality? Once disconnected from the body and moved to another body (how? By the hair?) can that person’s personality be recharged? And can a person really feel at home with a completely different body?


My mind then wanders to a more surreal world. Would elder celebrities who had dabbled in Botox or plastic surgery want a new body? I fear those with a low I.Q would. Seeing as surgery to them is like having a manicure, I’m sure one would consider unscrewing their head to then screw it back on to a new body. It would certainly save thousands on tummy tucks and anti-wrinkle lotion. It would be like getting a new car.

But then what happens when the power of shuffling human heads gets into the wrong hands? I mean, what if your surgeon has the balls and the bravado of Gregory House? (I love Hugh Laurie!) What if you put this powerful surgeon in a bad mood and when you wake up your operation leaves you the owner of a woman’s body with the head of a man? Yes, the first thing you would do is sue his balls off but he’d still have the upper hand seeing as the number of times that a head can pass from body to body must be limited.

Also, what about the next new procedure? Would a whole eye transplant become possible? If it were then every facial feature would become replaceable. The human head and features would be interchangeable. The implications?

We all become Mr Potato Head.

Many thanks for reading,

Kathryn Player.


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