‘Right,’ Nadia says.  ‘You’re still happy to use this website, Dating Fifties?’

‘Sounds a perfect place to find your blue rinse and zimmer frame!’  Molly replies, feeling a tsunami of gloom approaching: in an hour, her photo and profile would be on this website.

Molly and Nadia are standing at the till desk, peering at the iPad screen in front of them.  There is no one else in the shop.  Nadia tuts, ‘it’s better than Plenty of Fish dot com.’

Molly grimaces, thinking of the grey roots peeping through her hair, ‘at least Plenty of Fish sounds young.’

Nadia starts tapping at the screen, ‘come on, we’ve got to get your profile done.  I’m gonna find you a good man!’

‘Let me have a look,’ Molly leans over and peers at what Nadia has typed into her profile.  ‘Dear God.  I sound like I’m gagging for any fifty with a pulse.’

Nadia frowns, ‘do you want to find a man?’

‘I want to sound elegant,’ Molly says, ‘not a desperate doggie in the window.’  Molly then grabs the iPad from her sister, ‘I need to write this.’

‘I’m only trying to help!’

‘I know, but I want it done my way,’  Molly says as she taps on the iPad keys.

‘Let me see what you’ve put!’ Nadia peers at the screen, ‘I like gardening and nice country walks,’ she then turns to Molly with a raised eyebrow, ‘the dull men are gonna love you!’

Thank you for reading this extract from my romantic comedy, ‘Shop Gossip’.

Kathryn Player


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