Fifteen tell-tale signs that you’ve reached your mid-thirties

1) It really bothers you that the bin men are now only going to collect your rubbish once a fortnight.

2) You watch things like ‘The Leader’s debate’ on T.V as opposed to some re-run of ‘Goggle Box’.

3) Most of your friends’ profile pictures are photos of their young children and there are more photos of children, than glasses of wine, on your Facebook timeline.

4) You no longer count the lines around your eyes because they have quadrupled in the last year.


5) You’re seriously thinking of buying expensive anti-wrinkle cream.

7) When the kind RAC rescue guy refers to you as a ‘YOUNG female on the road’ you know he feels sorry for you or you assume that he is partially sighted.

8) You regularly have to tell your mother to keep her voice down, in a public place, because she’s talking about someone who is standing close by.

9) Your mother can now laugh about the fact that beef mince with Branston pickle was one of your main meals as a child when ten years ago it was still a sensitive subject.


10) You have been caught out talking about how and when you do your ironing (thankfully with a close friend) and you promised each other you would never do it again.

11) You don’t like buying trainers anymore because the people who serve you look half your age.

12) You like listening to radio programmes such as ‘90s at 9’ and you remember when your local nightclub played 70s music.

13) Fewer people can remember your favourite children’s TV programme, ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch.’


14) You remember the 1987 hurricane because you had a day off from school.

15) Even though you were allowed to cross a busy road and walk to the local park when you were nine, there is NO WAY that you’re going to let your own children do the same.


8 thoughts on “Fifteen tell-tale signs that you’ve reached your mid-thirties

  1. Benjamin J. Gohs says:

    Nice. Numbers 1 and 9 are so English! Lol. I don’t know what beef mince with Branston pickle is but I have to try it before I die. And I think I’m going to start calling my garbage man the “bin man.”


    • kathrynplayer12 says:

      Ah ha! What ever you do, don’t try beef mince with Branston pickle! It’s a culinary car crash. Yes, I guess one and nine are definitely ‘British’, made me giggle to think of it. Thank you. And thank you for reading my post. 🙂


  2. Dirty Nappy says:

    Oh no – I read this hoping that I could scoff and think to myself that my mental and actual age are not in alignment – but f£&k you’re right! I even believe someone has done number 8 to me -cringe! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Claire | Art and Soul says:

    As a 33-year old, straight-haired Essex bird, number 12 is my favourite! Many many memories of Boogie Wonderland at Dukes in Chelmsford every Tuesday night! All alcopops 70p!

    Number 14 is one of my earliest memories 🙂


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