What is your cat thinking?

There’s a new book out called ‘How to Speak Cat’, by Dr. Gary Weitzman, which details an interpretation of a cat’s winks, whiskers and swish of the tail.  Plus, it talks about a cat’s 16 meow types.

And this got me wondering.  What has our cat been thinking over the last few years? So I came up with my own ‘cat chit-chat’ based on my cat’s behaviour.

Our cat is called Tootsie.

2 and a half years ago.

  • A stroll up to a Moses basket, balancing on hind legs to reach up to sniff, AND then stopping dead =  ‘This is not the basket load of tuna I asked for!’
  • The immediate leap backwards at the sound of two babies crying followed by an upward glare = ‘MUST this be in surround sound?’

18 months ago.

  • A gallop away from one crawling baby only to gallop, head on, into another, followed by a consequential leap into the air = ‘You have GOT to do something!’
  • A calm and silent cat, in the middle of the night, sitting in between two cots containing two screaming babies =  ‘Have you tried the cat flap? I think they would fit.

 1 year ago.

  • A loud meow and angry wave of the tail, escaping the clutch of a small hand = ‘She tried to pull it off, yesterday!’

6 months ago.

  • A slow survey of the room whilst sitting on a high windowsill = ‘Ha! The buggers can’t get me up here!’
  • A jolt back followed by an attempt to climb the window, away from two pairs of small hands = ‘Cats, ONLY, up here! CATS ONLY!’


  • A triple set of short meows as two small hands pour the IAMS into the bowl = ‘I like this small waitress! Hey! Iams are not waterproof!’
  • A cross eyed look as a cat peers over the kitchen table = ‘I’d sell my soul for a bite of that ham, right now.’
  • Head rub on a toddler’s knee whilst purring loudly = ‘that bit of ham makes you my bff!’

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