I know I was a teenager in the nineties because…

1) I always wanted a Union Jack dress (everyone remembers THAT dress at the Brit Awards).
2) I said ‘Girl Power!’ a bit too much.
2) I informed Mum about my A’level results using a pay phone and then I expressed a number of ‘FFSs!’ when I got to the last grade and the ‘beep beep beep’ came informing me that I’d run out of change.
3) If you told a boy whom you fancied that you would meet him outside Woolworths at 12, you got the bus an hour earlier to make sure you did.
4) You used to wish that you were Patsy Kensit because dating Liam Gallagher seemed so cool when now, looking back, even on a good day he looked like a well groomed ape.
5) You went on a mediterranean holiday and even though you were fair skinned, Factor 4 seemed a sensible SPF (your friends were dousing themselves in oil).
6) If you completed your A’levels in 1998, during the World Cup, you recall the teacher writing the score of England playing ‘somebody’ on the white board at the front of the hall. Back then, that was deemed acceptable and considerate teacherly behaviour.
7) You had to straighten curly hair with JUST a hair dryer.
8) You remember a lot of girls with puffy hair in your class at school.
9) You spent ages chatting to your friends on the house phone much to your father’s annoyance.
10) You remember everyone wearing Doc Martin boots and not knowing of a more comfortable shoe.


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