What did YOU get up to at work, back ‘in the day’?

Sometimes there was TOO much fun at work, back in the day.

What did you do when your boss was chasing you for paper work? I know someone who faxed over ten pieces of blank paper to her boss, insisting over the phone that they were her sales reports. Thankfully, her and her boss worked in separate buildings separated by several miles. And when he rang to question the blankness of the paper, my friend had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. She even took it one step further and told him that it was HIS fax machine that must be broken. God love the old fax machines. Emails just don’t allow any wriggle room, do they?


And have you ever had the pleasure of working on a telephone line? In 2001 I worked as a Transport Enquiry-Line Assistant for the council. And it was a farce. Firstly, they allowed eight of us to work unsupervised when the average age of our eight was 19. Needless to say we were often up to no good. We were all partial to a card game around 11am when all was quiet on the telephone lines and when switching off our phones could go unnoticed. Nowadays, with the fast access of emails and other technology, there is no room for any card games. And, now, there is never an office floor without a manager.

Back then, those were special days. 😉

I think my biggest cock up (some real meaning is meant, here) was when I sold Christmas Turkeys at 99p. Now, unfortunately, it wasn’t Sainsbury’s going gooey over too much mulled wine; it was me misreading the bargain label on every Turkey. What I should have done was take 99p off the price of each Turkey, instead I took £7.99 off each Turkey. It was when I was discussing this with a friend on my tea break that I realised what I’d done. So those lucky customers who passed through my till between 5pm and 7pm on Dec 12th 1998 had a lucky bargain in their trolley.

What a wally. Funnily enough, I kept that Turkey balls-up very quiet.

So what did you get up to at work, back ‘in the day’? I would love to hear it.

Best Wishes,

Kathryn Player


2 thoughts on “What did YOU get up to at work, back ‘in the day’?

  1. Amanda Egan (mummy misfit) says:

    Love the turkeys story!
    I ‘blagged’ my way into a receptionist’s job in the City – no experience whatsoever but a rather impressive suit! (I was later told it was the suit that got me the job!)
    Being a complete dope, I had no idea how to use a fax machine so asked a colleague and followed his instructions.
    Imagine his surprise when I went back to him, holding the papers and saying that they hadn’t gone through! Yes, I actually thought that they would ‘physically disappear’!
    I was meant to get that job though because that’s how I met my husband! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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