10 reasons you know it’s British summer time


1) Hay fever is an important topic of conversation, second to the upcoming promised ‘heatwave’.

2) When you see someone with neon-red arms and back in the supermarket, you’re quietly smug that the sun hasn’t caught you out…yet!

3) You’re counting the days till your holiday. You keep checking the weather of your holiday destination and it has to be at least 10 degrees hotter there for you to feel satisfied.

4) When shopping for new swimwear, you wish you had consumed less Easter Eggs.

5) You realise just how many kids live on your street as, suddenly, outside seems very noisy.

6) You now do that stupid dance when a wasp or bee enters the room.

7) Your sandals are starting to stink.

8) Cooking dinner brings on a sweat similar to a marathon runner.

9) Using your Hair Dryer during a heatwave is a torture which you grin and bear.

10) You’re excited because it might, just might, be warm enough to sit outside in the evening. And you don’t care about the gnat bites that you’re going to get.


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