Things a chocolate addict would never want you to know.

It’s time for me to come clean…


1) If someone says they don’t like chocolate, I suspect that they’re secretly extraterrestrial.

2) A chocolate advent calendar warms my heart: that little chocolate Santa can get you through the cold dark mornings of December with a smile on your face.

3) I can’t look at a Twix or a Mars Bar and not lament the time when they were 24 and 25 pence each, ‘those were the [fat] days!’

4) I like sharing a dessert: I like the challenge of being able to sneak more chocolate onto my spoon without my companion (husband) noticing. It’s an important mission.

5) Once I missed a train stop because I was rooting around my handbag, getting everything out on to the seat, because I was ‘so sure’ my Dairy Milk was lodged in the lining of my bag. image

6) At university, I had to ask a lecturer to repeat the question that he asked me directly because, in my head, I was at the shop debating whether to buy either a Caramel or a Crunchie.

7) For me, putting chocolate in the fridge is like putting wine in the oven: it’s a Faux pas on the grandest scale.

8) I have been known to pick up a cube of chocolate if it has dropped on the floor. The three second rule is very important, unless it has been dropped into a muddy puddle.

How would YOU define a chocolate addict?


3 thoughts on “Things a chocolate addict would never want you to know.

  1. chocolatepages says:

    I agree with all of these points, except the fridge one. I do like my chocolate sometimes in the fridge with a snap and a crack, and sometimes, just straight away melt in the mouth. Ooh all this chocolate talk, I think I’ll go get a chunk of dairy milk!
    Amanda. πŸ˜‰

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