September is a bit like Marmite

imageSeptember is the Marmite month of the year.

I say this with the utmost respect for Marmite (our salty but sticky friend).

My husband is a teacher and loves to hate September: he likes the buzz of keen minds first thing in September but loses faith when those same minds lose interest by 2.30 on the first day back.


Parents whose children are about to start school are picturing September with dread: their child is no longer little, it’s the start of a new mummy era. Tears prick at their eyes when they picture those school gates.

On the other hand, parents of children who are entering years 2,3,4,5 and 6 do an energetic conga round the living room or a mad, hyperactive pirouette because the summer holidays are ALMOST over.

The summer wedding season is over: stinky sandals are now at the bottom of the wardrobe and the only remains of evening barbecues with Presecco are your FB photos. And looking at them doesn’t help as you notice how, already, your tan has faded.

So September is like marmite, or marzipan (which is yuk, by the way!) Whatever your September turns out to be, I hope it includes some decent sunshine!

Thanks for reading my post,

Kathryn Player.


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