What would the Health Visitor say?

What did our mums do that would make today’s Health Visitor go bonkers?


1) The whiskey on the dummy. No wonder mothers in the sixties and seventies looked immaculate with perfectly coiffed hair: one could probably paint all the rooms in the house when babies had such whiskey snoozey naps.


2) Shoving the baby to the bottom of the garden whilst mother did her housework. I was one of those winter babies (November 1979) wrapped in wool who was shoved to the back of the garden with all the frosty spiderwebs and dried leaves.

3) Making up the bottles several days before feeds and putting them in the fridge.

A big ‘no no’ in today’s ‘baby world’. One must sterilise everything within an inch of its life. ‘Make up each feed, there and then,’ is what you are told to do.

I dread to think what catastrophic cult of Ecoli that was festering in my milk. Still, I survived.

4) Were you one of those toddlers who lived on egg soldiers, bananas, and bread and jam?

Me too!

Not a vegetable in sight.

I am grateful that I have grown up and live to tell the tale… 😀

Moody not Broody  is available to read.


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