A bad driver says…



  1. Driving home late at night, ‘I can’t see the road lines!’

Your passenger will sit bolt upright.

‘What do you mean, you can’t see the road lines?’ He will then sit with gaping mouth, as if a spider and its web are stuck in it.

My poor hubby hasn’t let me drive in the dark, since.

2.   ‘I can’t see a thing!’

On the drive home on the M25, in the pouring rain, the ride can be a bit ‘hairy’.

However if your mother wails, ‘I can’t see a thing!’

NEVER say, ‘neither can I!’

There will be lots of screams!

3.  ‘I’m scared!’

If you decide to take the slip road from Hatfield Peverel on to the A12 (the horrible one, to Witham) hide your fear!

‘I’m scared,’ followed by revs and screeches can make the whole 10 seconds on the slip road feel like a scene from ‘Back to the Future.’

Will they or will they not… make it?

Thankfully, we did, although now I try and keep my ‘driving thoughts’ to myself.


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