How someone who fears spiders gets rid of one.


Do you suffer from Arachnophobia?

If you do, it’s a traumatic experience finding a spider.

Try reading below. Does it sound familiar?

1) You often spot the spider on the wall. Of course it’s high up so you need to climb a chair. But then when you can reach it you shiver at the thought of it bungee jumping on to your face. You pause.
And that’s when you scream for your man!

2) When you spot a spider crawl towards you whilst in mid pee, your pelvic floors go into overdrive and you sprint for your life with your knickers round your ankles.


3) At other times, you don’t take your eyes off the eight-legged gremlin. Instead, you take slow steps backwards towards the cupboard where your Dyson is kept. You open the door and draw out your Dyson with your foot, not taking your eyes off those eight legs. You feel a sense of relief when you grab and point the vacuum nozzle at those eight legs. Then you feel euphoria when that gremlin gets ‘Dysoned’.

4) If you’re brave, you grab a glass and hold it over the spider. However, you might realise that you have no card to put under it. So if you take the glass away the spider might dive for your face. This results in one thing: you keep the glass over the spider until someone rescues you. You pray this will not take hours.


5) When you spot a spider crawling along the floor, you do the spider dance: you hop from foot to foot as if you’re paddling in a bonfire whilst screaming so loudly that the old lady three doors down can hear you. You then grab something to throw at the spider. You’ll most certainly miss but that doesn’t stop you grabbing more things. When the spider crawls under the sofa you vow NEVER to sit on that sofa ever again!!

Do you feel the same?



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