Children were made to embarrass you


Children always show you up.

For me, it’s not necessarily what my twin daughters say, it’s the manner in which they say it.

They emulate your sound, tone and twang ( Essex, in my case) and listening to them can be frightening.

For example, when playing with their hobby horses, Charlotte screams ‘EM.MA.LY!’ and when I dash into the room to see what the fuss is about I see Charlotte crying.

‘What’s the matter?’ I ask.

Her response? ‘Emily’s not doing as she’s told!’ she wails while pointing an accusing finger at her sister.

Oh dear.

Do I really say that phrase? It sounds all very Victorian when shouted by a three year old.

And then it’s sometimes what they reveal ABOUT you which can be an eye opener.

When driving behind two pedestrians in a car park my daughter cries, ‘Mummy! Don’t run those people over!’ Hmmm. My daughter has more experience of my driving than anyone, so this is not a good sign of my driving skills.
‘Of course I won’t run them over,’ I reply.
‘Don’t forget!’ she says, in a tone which implies this is more than likely.


Emily is waiting for my phone to take some photos.


People say that children pick up their behavioural traits from their parents. Um….

When comforting Charlotte at the seaside because she had dropped her icecream, I then turned to Emily to warn her that her icecream might go the same way. However, when turning back to Charlotte, I could only utter a high pitched squeak as I saw her delightfully licking the icecream from the bottom of her shoe.

‘Waste not want not’ was taken to a new level!

Do your children show you up? I certainly hope so.


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