Why you should treasure your friends who don’t have kids

We should treasure all friends because they keep you going, give you a hug and can grasp what you are and what you’re about.

But that friend who doesn’t have kids is the one who looks out for you from a different angle. And they’re the ones we often forget.

They mother you (in that affectionate way): they have the solution to your hayfever problems, they’re the one who notices that you sit too closely to the steering wheel; and they’re the one who distracts your class while you hunt frantically for 30 reports that you’ve stashed somewhere.

They just have your back in a way that your other mummy friends just don’t have the time to.

Plus, they don’t talk about their children; they talk about how you and her can have fun. They don’t discuss the naughty step or Sats results; they organise nights out and tell you gossip.



No matter what your age,  they make you feel young. And a friend who does that is worth all the antiwrinkle cream in the world, because a friend like that can make you laugh your head off!

And laughter is a treasure, so treasure that friend.



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