Multitasking and I don’t mix!

Multitasking and I have never got on. It seems to be every women’s crowning glory to be able to throw a plate up in the air whilst spinning a cup and putting a wash on while feeding the cat.

Whereas I’ll drop several plates, I don’t spin cups, and often I forget the cat.

And my driving is a classic example where my multitasking impedes on everyone’s  safety.

Last Sunday, it was great down Maldon Promenade Park.  I spent extortionate amounts of cash at the fair with the girls and I silently wished  that the Fair might not hang around for TOO MUCH longer. But I paid for this when I tried to get out of the car park.



Fun at the fair, at Maldon Promenade Park, before my trial of getting out of the car park.

The problem was people parked their cars in a zigzag fashion and left you minimal amount of room to drive through. Plus, children were sitting around the cars which meant it took all my concentration not to run over a small leg or a scooter.  Trembling, I whipped my head from side to side- as if watching a Wimbledon tournament on speed play- as I checked that I didn’t scrape the cars on my left hand side but then didn’t run over small legs and feet on my right.

And it’s at times like these that my girls know the drill: when mummy is trying to park, or trying to get out, Mummy can’t talk.  Multitasking and driving is a ‘crashing’ combination.

And my girls are sensible. They know that it’s in everyone’s interests not to talk to mummy while she steers.

And so I hold my head up high. I don’t multitask and I don’t really think I should.


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