How to unravel your sanity


How to unravel your sanity with one short shoelace.

These ‘sew and lace’ cards have been great at improving my twins’ dexterity; but they have also ‘grated’ my sanity. These neon laced cartoons have caused frustrated cries and lots of loud I CAN’T DO ITS.

BUT, I will say this, they have learnt the basic skill of sewing- ‘dive up through the card, dive down through the card’.

And, considering their mother sewed her top to daddy’s trousers while fixing the trouser hem, they haven’t done too badly.

Oh, that would be me.

I was never any good at sewing!

By year 11 my Textiles teacher urgently encouraged me to do all my sewing at home.  I thought she wanted me to have some special time with my mum; I now know she didn’t want me snapping any more needles on the school sewing machines.

So if my two girls are going to take textiles at GCSE, I’ll send them to Grandma’s house!


They’ll learn to sew! By 16, they’ll be a whiz on the sewing machine! Not a snapped needle in sight.


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