What matters most


Recently I was asked to submit a piece for the blog ‘Young and Twenty’. I gave a hearty laugh.

I’m 36.

If I was a man I would state, ‘actually, I’m 37 in November!’ and give a wry smile.  HOWEVER, no amount of chocolate or Prossecco is gonna get me ’rounding up’ my age.  And I DEFINITELY wouldn’t smile about it.

But, don’t worry. The ‘mid life’ hasn’t set in.



Asleep at the dinner table while out celebrating my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday. My family decided to plonk things on my head. #deservedit


Being 36 ain’t bad.

I don’t even mind the grey antennae (grey wire that’s supposed to be hair) that seems to have sprouted along various parts of my hair-line.  When grey bushes form I might have to give the nod to the hairdresser who tells me he’s ‘ready to do something’ with my hair.

Plus, I have lines around my eyes and varicose veins look like scribbled maps along my legs.  But things like that seem irrelevant and minor, now.  In fact, lots of ‘major important stuff’ seems minor now.

Six years ago, I wanted desperately to become a published author; there really wasn’t anything  I wanted more. And then I found out I was pregnant with twins and then their survival was the thing I wanted, more than anything. (Identical twins can have complications).

So I promised to whomever  was ‘out there’ that if my twins made it out safely I would do the bestest best job of being a mum. So, you see, that’s the thing I want to do now.DSCF1099


Don’t get me wrong, I make regular ‘cock ups’ and I get uptight, grumpy and still can’t sew (see previous post). BUT I try to make the best of it.  And having a balance between mum life and non-mum life is so important!

For instance, part of my non-mum time is my writing. I love writing but being ‘officially published’ is something I no longer crave.  I write for fun and farty giggles: my writing takes the edge off a cold cuppa or a twin whine. And I don’t have to have my name on a page to do it. So I’ll keep enjoying myself and hope I make you smile along the way.

Now, if there was a ‘Being Young and Mid-Thirtyish’ blog I would jump at the chance to write for it.  ‘Young and Twenty’ is sixteen years too late!

Thanks for reading my nonsense, once again. 🙂

Here’s some more…





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